Lisa Turner

Quake Furniture designs and creates furnishings that are inspired by nature and transformed by materials to create modern classics. After a dynamic career in Interior Design, Lisa Turner was inspired to create a new avenue for her personal artistic expression by combining her art practice with her design training.

The Quake collection allows us to reconsider our natural environment through the medium of functional art. By contemplating the inherent beauty of nature in a new context, Turner incorporates local materials, unique finishes and contemporary design into new forms of expression.

Azad Kaviani

Working with Azad Kaviani, Lisa develops her design concepts into reality. Azad’s experience in woodworking and construction allows for experimentation and also provides essential technical support to achieve the desired results needed to fulfill her artistic vision.

Lisa and Azad met in 2010 through a design collaboration for a private residence. They have since continued to work together on several commercial projects, and have developed a friendship, which includes sharing ideas on art, sculpture and design. In 2013, Lisa approached Azad to develop her design concepts, build prototypes, and manage the technical properties needed to fulfill her vision for a new furniture line. From the realization of those initial designs, Quake Furniture was born.